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Modern Take on timeless luxury

Caviar 2.0

Born from passion, forged by expertise

Delicately Dried Caviar.

Refrigerator Free.

Michelin Quality.

Ultra Premium.



Any Kitchen. Any Cocktail Bar


organic dried osetra caviar.

premium salt.

love. passion.

for a perfectly balanced salinity and clean finish.

About Us

We Are Innovators

Caviar Gems was created by bringing together a team of insiders passionate about excellent cuisine and refined craftsmanship.

What better to channel those passions into than caviar?

Naming our brainchild “Gems” in homage to nature’s own black diamonds, and with a mission of bringing ultra-premium caviar to every professional and home kitchen and bar, this team of experts worked tirelessly to create a product without compromise or comparison. 

100’s of


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We Are Gushing Over The Love Of A Michelin Star Owner

“Caviar Gems is a wonderfully unique product that showcases premium caviar in a new way, allowing for chefs and mixologists alike to reimagine the presentations of their masterpieces,” says Brian Van Flandern, owner of three Michelin stars and “America’s Top Mixologist.”

“I earned my reputation as a detail-oriented perfectionist who refuses to compromise when it comes to quality ingredients. caviar gems is a luxury product with phenomenal cocktail applications. It is quickly becoming a staple ingredient in the finest kitchens and bars everywhere.”