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About Us

Agile Startup in Data Analytics

“JN2 is working on cutting-edge technology!”

Our Mission

How we’re making an impact

JN2 Technology is a nimble start-up. It develops and licenses data analytics related to agricultural real-estate loans, USDA guaranteed loans, SBA guaranteed loans, as well as loan/security valuation to investors for superior investment returns. 

Our Vision

Grow Together

Our vision is “To Grow together.”

We want to improve our customers’ lending capabilities by providing the highest quality data, analytics, and models in a helpful way.

We earn our customer’s trust and safeguard their interests.

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Natasha Singhal

Natasha Singhal

Managing Director

Prashansha Yadav

Prashansha Yadav

Shubham Gotra

Shubham Gotra